Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Conference of Marianist Boards in Dallas

The Conference of Marianist Boards met 15-18 February 2007 in Dallas. Although we are no longer serving on a board, Mary Lynne and I are past members of the Mission and Ministry Board, so we decided to visit some old friends during their lunch and dinner breaks on Saturday, 17 February 07.
The Marianist Family On-line described the event this way: "Bro. Jack Ventura and Tony Fitzgerald chaired a task force that made the conference a reality – bringing together those who serve on Marianist boards and the presidents/directors of more than 30 Marianist institutions. Approximately 100 participants represented universities, secondary and middle schools and retreat centers as well as NACMS, Marianist LIFE, the Marianist Volunteer Program (MVP), the Marianist Mission, and the Center for Marianist Spirituality and Communities (CMSC). Provincial Stephen Glodek gave the keynote address, “Sharpening Blunt Intentions: Reflections on the Stewardship of Marianist Boards.” Read the address."
For more photos of the event, see the Marianist Family On-line.

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