Friday, August 14, 2009

The Young Adult Council of Fort Worth

I recently had the chance to do some more consulting for the Young Adult Council of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth. The group is part of the Young Adult Ministry of the Diocese.

Last year, on 15 May 08, I traveled out to Most Blessed Sacrament Parish to work with the group on their mission statement and visioning the future. Yesterday, 13 August 09, I had a chance to follow-up with them as they met at the Catholic Renewal Center, and help them with their discernment process for new leadership.

The purpose of the Young Adult Council is "to provide the leadership and guidance for gathering young adult groups in community within the diocese of fort worth and supporting them in our common goal of growing closer to Jesus, the Catholic Church and our peers. We offer opportunities to build community, serve others, grow spiritually, develop leadership, learn about our faith and discern vocations."

They are an outstanding group, and it was my great pleasure to work with them again.

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