Friday, June 05, 2009

Scot-Irish History: Part II in Texas

Welcome to the Texas Scottish Festival & Highland Games.

The skirl of the Pipes, the cheers of encouragement for the Athletic events, and the swirling of the Highland Dancers reminds all Scots of our rich and glorious heritage. We gladly share this heritage with our friends this weekend at our 23rd annual festival.

We are proud that our event is one of the largest Scottish gatherings in the United States and known as the preeminent Scottish Entertainment Festival in North America. I know you will enjoy our featured musical groups as well as all the other great Scottish entertainers. A very special welcome to our visitors from across the nation and especially those members of Clan MacLellan and Clan Cumming who are holding their National Meetings in conjunction with our event.

I bid you all CEUD MILE FAILTE, a 100,000 welcomes.

Ray McDonald
Executive Director

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